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Gear cutting machines

Gearmach offers a wide selection of affordable high quality gear cutting machines. We are constantly developing our machines and, in the process, place great importance on high energy efficiency. From the automotive industry to wind turbine manufacturers, customers around the world trust in our machines. 

The biggest range of AFFORDABLE Quality Gear making Machinery

Gearmach Europe


Gears are an integral part of the power transmission system as they are used for transferring toque or power from prime mover to the location where it is needed or will be used. Gears are also involved in transferring the accurate velocity ratio between two shafts.


Used or New


Are you looking for used gear cutting machines? 




We deliver NEW gear cutting machines almost for the price of second hand ones!



Looking for a Carl Zeiss Jena, Fässler, Gleason Pfauter, Grob, Heckert, Hoefler, Hurth, Kapp, Klingelnberg, Liebherr, Lorenz, Maag, Mägerle, Modul, Niles, Oerlikon, Pfauter, Rausch, Reishauer, Richardon, Staehely, Stanko, TOS, Walter, WMW?

Gearmach has the solution.