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CNC Gear Shaving Machines

Gear Shaving - Gear Skiving

A Gear shaving machine  or Gear Skiving machine is a solution used in the finishing operation of an external spur and helical gear. It is also possible to shave an internal gear, although generally the work conditions are less favorable. The shaving process can improve the quality and precision of a hobbed gear of 3 classes. However, the final results depend not only on the accuracy with which the shaving cutter and the gear shaving machine is designed and manufactured, but also on the quality achieved with the prior machining.

Gear shaving or skiving is still today the most widely used method for the finishing of gear teeth, especially for the continuous production of large lots, since it represents the best cost/performance ratio. The main limit of the gear shaving process is the lack of the chance to remove the distortion caused by heat treatment. Usually, when high noiselessness and strict quality levels are strictly required, the grinding operation is the best solution, although obviously more expensive.

In the automotive industry, most gears used in gearboxes are suitable for gear shaving. The productivity of a gear shaving machine is much higher compared to a gear grinding machine. The gear shaving operation is composed by the simultaneous rotation of workpiece and cutter as a pair of gears with crossed axes. The crossed axes generate a reciprocal sliding action between the flank, gear tooth and the cutter teeth.

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