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CNC Gear Shaping Machines

Gear shaping

Gear shaping is a flexible process to manufacture internal and even external gears. Especially, to manufacture internal gears or external parts with interfering contours, when gear hobbing is not possible. For these applications, gear shaping is the most chosen process.

Gear shaping belongs to the generating process due to its continuous rotational movement during the operation. The workpiece and the tool form a pair of gears where the rotation speed of these partners is coupled by the number of teeth ratio. The gear profile is generated by the rolling action on the same pressure line. During the operation, a stroking motion of the tool is needed to ensure the cutting operation. This oscillating cutting movement (cutting stroke and return stroke) is realized by the simultaneous radial feed of the tool on the desired profile. During the return stroke, the tool is raised from the gear by a special raising system to prevent any scraping on the tooth flanks and to avoid significant tool damage. To reach the defined tooth height of the workpiece, the center distance between the partners is adjusted continuously until the required geometry is reached.

Rack Gear Shaping Machines